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“Multimedia  stimulates more than one sense at a time and results in the acquisition and retention of more attention. 

Multimedia is the use of more than one medium of expression or communication. It is the combination of various digital media types such as text, images, sound and video.This combination results in a multi-sensory interactive application or presentation. The audience receives a message or information.

Classroom applications help educators engage students and provide them with valuable learning opportunities. Pictures are easier to remember than a paragraph. An animated video demonstrates a concept better than a lecture.  A video demonstration of a process (or an instrument) by a scientist gives more real time knowledge than a theoretical explanation. No wonder educators consider it as a great tool to improve education.The benefits of using multimedia in classroom are many:

Students create and design through multimedia which results in better absorption of presentations created by others.

Simultaneously, reflective thinking is improved.

Multimedia provide students with applicable learning resources. It accomodates their learning styles and abilities.

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The latest educational technologies are being adopted by educators and administrators  thus attaining  21st century learning standards. Among tech approaches, the use of multimedia ranks as one of the great tools to engage students.  Educators suggest the following about new ways using this in the classroom.

Personalized Learning using Multimedia Resources:

Different pupils have different learning styles and these resources help them meet their learning requirements. Required learning applications can be easily provided. Online videos and podcasts are now used by teachers for visual and auditory education. Interactive games help tactile learners. This makes learning easy for students to learn in their own way. The use of multimedia results in personalized learning. Traditionally, the teachers used to lead the entire classroom by delivering long lectures.

Group Learning:

Blogs, social networks and wikis enable students to work together in learning a particular concept.They use these to share their works with others through either blogging or micro blogging (Tweets). These tools enable educators to engage students in several ways. Students collaborate with each other and then assess each other’s works, and learn as a group.

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Improve Presentation skills:

Videos and slideshows improve student learning. They visually make text more meaningful to students.These tools empower students to express their ideas and work in a consolidated way. Thoughts and concepts are communicated through a variety of resources,such as text and recorded narrations. Thus capturing the attention of the audience.

Giving students a wider choice of software and tools to present their work is an effective approach.  It allows learners to decide on the style of presentation that best suits their personality. This is also a way to allow the learners to engage in their education in a more personalized way. It also improves their creativity, critical thinking and reflective thoughts.

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Applications of multimedia in the home:

  1. Home theater is used in more homes for movies, television and social media than ever before. Play station is used to play games and to enjoy with the family.
  2. TV Sets provide a platform for watching entertainment like movies, sports, news etc.,
  3. Home computers, are used to make powerpoint presentations.
  4. Lots of  educational games are also available.
  5. Media player can be used at home to play songs or to watch videos or movies for entertainment.
  6. Computer, laptop, mobile phones, projector, TV, and media players etc are different forms of multimedia and can be used at home and also for business.

Applications of multimedia in education:

1.Students find educational games interesting and learn quickly.

2.Various computer games use multimedia to make it more interesting

3.Powerpoint presentations are made more effective using using these resources. People pay more attention to multimedia slides than simple ones.Subjects in the presentation can be more easily explained.

4.The advertisement industry uses these tools for marketing purposes.

5. Multimedia also plays an important role in scientific research,such as allowing  molecular models to be better understood.

 Multimedia is useful in various fields such as arts, medicine, engineering,  business, entertainment, mathematics and much more.

1.Various companies such as those making mobile apps and software use multimedia to make  their products more attractive.

2.Millions of websites use it to look more attractive than competitor websites.

3.Doctors employ multimedia for surgery. Advanced equipment is available which uses this for better and quicker results.

4.Multimedia is very useful in machine and automobile design

5.Multmedia plays an important role in construction layout design.

6.Messaging systems,such as, mobile phones have MMS service to send videos or pictures.

7.News companies use multimedia to engage global audience.


Applications of multimedia in business




    1. Devices such as mobile phones, and laptops play an important role to grow business.
    2. Millions of online websites  are available. They reach end users and also grow business.
    3. More and more companies are taking advantage the of world wide web to increase sales.
    4. Using multimedia anyone can sell their product anywhere in the world on the internet.
    5. By placing advertisement in magazines and newspapers business can be increased.
    6. Powerpoint presentations are also an effective way to relate details.
    7. On the internet millions of people watches videos. Product information is shared in seconds.
    8. Multimedia is the most effective and cheapest way to grab the attention of the visitors. Information about various products is shared easily.
    9. The advertising industry uses multimedia for marketing.
    10. Various companies, such as those making virtual games render them more attractive with this technology.
    11. Today, use of multimedia is more important than any other type of business promotion.
    12. Various companies use it to entertain their visitors.
    13. Multimedia extends the list of clients or customers.